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Fish with some of the best Open Boats in Captree State Park

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Laura Lee 631-661-1867

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Capt. Gillen II 631-586-5511

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Anna M III 516-707-1907
Capt. Bob O 631-748-4990
Captain Gillen II 631-661-5531
Captain Gregory 631-957-6855
Captain Rod 631-587-7316
Capt. Whittaker 631-587-7087
Captree Princess 631-859-8799
Dixie II 631-859-5195
Fishfinder 516-287-3704
Island Princess 631-587-6024
JIB VI 631-587-1194
Jr. Express 631-969-1009
Super Speedy Express 631-969-3793
Trade Winds 631-419-1212
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